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2.6 What should I pay attention to when collecting data from minors?


Children have the right to specific protection, as they are often less aware of their rights, the possible risks and consequences associated with the processing of personal data. In concrete terms, this has consequences for the way in which information is provided and informed consent is obtained.

Researchers must inform children   about what data is collected, what it will be used for, what the risks, rules, guarantees and rights are with regard to the processing and how they can exercise their rights with regard to the processing. This information must be communicated in a clear and comprehensible manner using a medium that connects to the living environment and the child's discernment. It is important to note that children do not lose their right to information if the research requires permission from the parents. In that case, both parents and children must be informed in an appropriate manner.

If data is collected from minor children,  permission will be  requested from the person with parental responsibility. For further use of data collected in the context of the offer of information society services, the age of 13/16 applies. 

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